Woodyard Expansion

A woodyard equipment supplier and facility operator retained Highlander to develop detailed engineering for a proposed woodyard modernization/expansion. The facility included a new radial stacker crane, two debarking and chipping lines, truck dumper station, conveyor systems, several building and other structures which cover product or equipment. Highlander performed detailed engineering (site grading, layout, stormwater management, structural), NYS Building Code review, prepared permit applications, developed cost estimates for construction, prepared construction bid documents, and technical bid review.

Services Included:

  • Development of Submittals for local Planning Board review;
  • Prepare stormwater management plans (SWMP), SPDES General and Multi-Sector permits;
  • Prepare Site Grading & Utility Plans;
  • Generate Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan including Erosion & Sediment Control Plan;
  • NYS Building Code compliance review of various building structures;
  • Structural engineering of building and equipment foundations;
  • Prepared Building permit applications;
  • Prepare bid documents for earthwork and building structures and perform technical bid evaluation;